Welcome to the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma

Welcome To the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma Web Site

Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma

Business Council /Grievance Committee as of March 2014

Board Members

Chief                                                      Ethel E. Cook                                       Term 2014-2017

(918)961-0980 Cell

Second Chief                                         Suzy Crawford                                         Term 2013-2019

Suzy Crawford NL

Secretary/Treasurer                                 Teresa Smith                                       Term 2012-2018

Teresa Smith Board Picture

First Councilman                                John Charles Dawes                                  Term 2012-2018

Second Councilman


Grievance Committee

KaLisha Burtrum, Term  2014-2017                    Rhonda Hayworth,  Term 2013-2019


Aaron Epperson Term 2014-2017                        Patricia Meintel, Term 2012-2015


Cassandra Mundy, Term 2013-2016