Cell Towers Consultation Procedures


  • Effective June 1st 2016 the processing fee will be $500.00 per cell tower. $200.00 co-location



Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma

Historic Preservation Department

P.O. Box 110

Miami, Oklahoma  74355

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2016 Cell Tower Consultation Procedures

In the interests of streamlining the Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) consultation process for proposed cell phone tower sites, the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma has developed procedures.   Please read them carefully, and then share them with others at your firm who will also be contacting us.

You must fax or mail/ship us materials regarding cell tower consultation.  We will not handle any cell tower consultation electronically.

  • If your response from the FCC (through the TCNS or otherwise) lists the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma (hereinafter, “Tribe” or “Ottawa Tribe”), that means that the Tribe is interested in consulting. As we have already defined our geographical areas of concern with the FCC, as is clearly noted on the TCNS web site, the FCC’s response to you should list the Ottawa Tribe only for those areas that we have pre-defined.  When you receive the FCC response that lists this Tribe for your area, you have been officially notified of our interest.


  • Please always use the TCNS number that the FCC supplies you in any type of communication with us.  We do not begin our research until we have the TCNS number, which can cause a delay.  If you send us supplemental information at a later date, be sure to include it on that, as well.  Handwriting it on your correspondence is fine.  Lack of a TCNS number on supplemental information will delay our response.


  • We consult on co-locations that do not involve ground disturbance Fee is 200.00 per site. 


  • Please submit a brief letter to initiate consultation with the Ottawa Tribe via US mail or other carrier, together with a per-tower $500.00 fee to cover our research for the tower location, as well as general handling and processing of the documents that you submit and of our responses.  Please remember, this fee is NOT for determining our initial interest, as we have already done that by pre-defining our geographic areas in the TCNS, but for providing  specialized information unique to the Ottawa Tribe.


  1. With the consultation initiation letter, please include the following:
  2. Contact information, including phone and fax numbers, physical address, and e-mail address for the person (please specify by name) to whom information from the Ottawa  Tribe should be sent (this information should be included in the letter).  If you do not include your fax number, it will delay our response.  Please always give the phone number for where we may reach you.
  3.  Project number by which we should refer to the tower, if you prefer to track the project by something other than a TCNS number (your project number should also be included in the letter).  PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE THE TCNS NUMBER, as this is how we track projects.
  4.  Basic tower construction information – such as that provided through TCNS (for example, type of tower, location, etc.); this should be included in the letter.
  5. A copy of the review letter from the State Historic Preservation Office for the state in which the tower is located. If (and only if) a separate Office of State Archaeology exists in the state that reviews and clears project separately from the SHPO (as in Oklahoma), then also send a letter from that office.  The Ottawa Tribe may request the SHPO (and Office of Archaeology, if applicable) letter before providing final comment on the project.
  6. These portions of the archaeological report: research methods and  findings for both the historic archives review and the field survey, plus a description of the project area’s geomorphology and soils. The Ottawa Tribe will request these parts of the archaeological report before commenting on the project.  If you are not certain what to send from the archaeological report, please call and we’ll reach a mutual agreement about what sections we’d like to see.  Please do not send us the architectural survey information, unless it is embedded with the archaeological information.  Only on rare occasions are we interested in standing architecture.  We also appreciate 2 or 3 pictures of the project area.
  7. A copy of the portion of the USGS quadrangle map, on which you have noted the project area location by a star or similar mark; please list the quadrangle name and date on the map (8.5×11” size is fine).  Please do not send us multiple types of maps or engineering/construction drawings, or lots of photos.


  1. PLEASE DO NOT SEND: the entire Form 620 and its attachments, various engineering or construction drawings, lots of different maps, resumes of archaeologists and historians, and numerous photos of the tower location (2-3 photos are appreciated) or of historical architecture – we are not interested in 19th and 20th century architecture.   In the interests of conserving both resources and time, please send only the items listed in item 5, above.
  2. Please use only the address and contact information following. Carriers such as FedEx do not deliver to our building on weekends or holidays because the building is closed.  Express Mail for overnight delivery by the US postal system is sometimes a good choice, as they will deliver to our PO Box on Saturdays and some holidays.  Please note the two different zip codes below.  If you neglect to put Ms. Stafford’s name on the envelope, your correspondence can sit for several days before landing in the right department, causing you a delay.


For US postal system (including Priority & Express Mail) to P.O. Box:

Ms. Cheryl Stafford

Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma

PO Box 110

Miami, OK  74355

For other carrier, as well as US postal system, to physical address:

Ms. Cheryl Stafford

Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma

13 South 69a Highway

Miami, OK  74354

  • Checks for the $500.00 fee should be made out simply to “Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma”.  Please put the TCNS number on the memo line. For requests involving multiple towers, a single check for the correct amount ($500 for each tower) is acceptable; please list all of the TCNS numbers on the memo line.  These numbers may be handwritten.  If these numbers are not listed, we will write them on your check prior to depositing it, if we can figure out what they are.  If we cannot figure out what they are, your project will be delayed.


  • The Ottawa Tribe will respond within approximately 7-10 calendar days of having received all information requested for us to make the decision (usually this information is limited to the SHPO letter and the archaeological report).  Every effort is made to respond as rapidly as possible.